Saturday, September 1, 2007

AiG and ICR team up to bash Dawkins... But it backfires!

Remember the video which allegedly showed Richard Dawkins unable to answer a simple question? Well, according to this article on Stephen Jay Gould's website, it was a hoax. Not only that, but a hoax formulated by the two leading creationist groups in America, Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research. This need to hoax illustrates how desperate these organizations are to discredit Dawkins when they have to stoop to such low levels to manufacture negative publicity in this way.
He was asked to produce an example of an "increase in information to the genome". It's unthinkable that Dawkins would not know the answer to the question, a zoologist with as much experience as him knows of insertion mutation, Gene Duplication, and Polyploidy. All of these have been observed to add to the genome in a positive way, which is what I interpret 'information' to mean. Let me say it again, these people are NOT TO BE TRUSTED. For anything. This blog alone has caught AiG in several examples of outright deception. And as for ICR, I will just leave you with Frank Zindler's account of dealing with them, and the cases of Duane Gish's deception.

As a Final note, the youtuber who uploaded this video claimed in the description that Dawkins no longer debates creationists because he was sorely beaten in a 1986 debate. If this is true, then why does Dawkins have the debate posted on his website?

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SouthLoopScot said...

These people will stop at nothing to push their bullshit!

Nice job on the blog, very informative!