Thursday, August 26, 2010

Contra Collins

I recently saw a book called Decoding the Language of God: Can a Scientist Really Be a Believer?

It's a response to Francis Collins' book The Language of God. It looks interesting and I may just read it. If you don't know: Francis Collins is a geneticist who is currently the head of the Human Genome Project, and he also dabbles in Christian apologetics to some extent. He argues faith and reason, as well as faith and science, are completely compatible.

Incidentally, the blog Daylight Atheism has been turning out some posts that review and criticize Collins:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Good Stuff.

Friday, August 20, 2010

On the Rocks

Once or twice in the past I have reached out for help from my readers and recieved it quite generously, and for that I am very thankful. My readers have always been the best in the world at providing helpful and critical comments, and have even come through for me financially.

Well, it's that time again: I am now working two part-time jobs to make ends meet. I've only recently started the second job and have not recieved my first paycheck from them. Until I do, I will be getting eaten alive from the extra money I have to spend on gas, and food, for that matter.

Right now I need financial support. If you like this blog, and you can afford it, I'd really appreciate a little extra help. I can accept paypal payments through

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Distorting Darwin and More

Skeptic magazine's website has posted a rebuttal to a creationist movie about Darwin. It's well worth reading, even if you haven't seen the movie, because it addresses a lot of common misunderstandings. If you're a creationist, please read it by clicking here, if nothing else it will help you understand what you are against.

Internet Infidels has recently published an article about the doctrine of Original Sin, and the thesis of this article is that Original Sin is a doctrine that is so absurd it cannot be accepted, but it is also so integrated into Christianity that to reject Original Sin is to reject Christianity. One good point the author makes: the fact that Adam is listed in the genealogies of Genesis means that the author of Genesis probably thought Adam was a historical figure, which creates a huge difficulty for those who want to interpret Genesis metaphorically so that they can consistently believe Science and the Bible. One other thing: the article incorrectly states that the church has always taught a literal reading of Genesis. That isn't completely true, St. Augustine (A fifth century Christian) was at least somewhat willing to interpret Genesis figuratively, even though he rejected the possibility of an old earth. Wikipedia sums that up here.

Turkish Physicist Taner Edis has written a new book:An Illusion of Harmony: Science And Religion in Islam. I'm very interested in it. Here's the amazon description:

Current discussions in the West on the relation of science and religion focus mainly on science’s uneasy relationship with the traditional Judeo-Christian view of life. But a parallel controversy exists in the Muslim world regarding ways to integrate science with Islam. As physicist Taner Edis shows in this fascinating glimpse into contemporary Muslim culture, a good deal of popular writing in Muslim societies attempts to address such perplexing questions as:

· Is Islam a "scientific religion"?
· Were the discoveries of modern science foreshadowed in the Quran?
· Are intelligent design conjectures more appealing to the Muslim perspective than Darwinian explanations?

Edis examines the range of Muslim thinking about science and Islam, from blatantly pseudoscientific fantasies to comparatively sophisticated efforts to "Islamize science." From the world’s strongest creationist movements to bizarre science-in-the-Quran apologetics, popular Muslim approaches promote a view of natural science as a mere fact-collecting activity that coexists in near-perfect harmony with literal-minded faith. Since Muslims are keenly aware that science and technology have been the keys to Western success, they are eager to harness technology to achieve a Muslim version of modernity. Yet at the same time, they are reluctant to allow science to become independent of religion and are suspicious of Western secularization.
Edis examines all of these conflicting trends, revealing the difficulties facing Muslim societies trying to adapt to the modern technological world. His discussions of both the parallels and the differences between Western and Muslim attempts to harmonize science and religion make for a unique and intriguing contribution to this continuing debate.

Friday, August 6, 2010

First review on Amazon + More

My book, Atheism and Naturalism, recently got its first review on Clink the link to read it.

I got a rambling comment on a blog post I made the other day which manages somehow to be both very funny and very sad at the same time. Take a look at what this dumbass wrote:

I have read over your blog and it appears to me that on your Aug.4 post in the beginning you use the word KNOW for the word NO. That is something a Christian would use to say that to KNOW GOD is to KNOW PEACE or NO GOD and NO PEACE. First of all I am a God fearing believing Christian, who has been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. My question to you is if all things were created by evolution and that means MAN would have had a hand in it right? Can you name ONE thing that man can make that God didn't make first? I tell you for 100% that there is a God and I KNOW that he has saved me and over years evolutionist have been trying to figure it out trying, always changing the story of how it happened the Big Bang Theory or monkeys or something else. Well one thing is true the Bible has never changed it’s the same today as yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow. The only thing that changes is translations so we may understand it better, but the meaning has never changed. God sent his only son Jesus Christ here to die for you and me to save us from a life of eternal hell and damnation, a pure and selfless sacrifice for all sinners. All we have to do is ask for it and you and KNOW for a 100% that there is a GOD too and never be 99% unsure about anything. I will pray for you that you will continue to search for the truth and that God will show the light. Seek and you shall find God will show you light if you let him. No one comes to the Father except through me Jesus Christ. Don’t give up you will find the answers to all your questions and the right ones. Many blessings and prayers are sent to you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

High Probability Atheist

I posted the following comment on one of Blair Scott's latest lectures on atheism (which can be viewed on his youtube channel):

I'm actaully completely comfortable saying that I know there are know gods. The reason most people don't like to say that, is, I think, because they think that knowing implies knowing with absolute certainty. No room for doubt, ever. I don't see things that way. I'm comfortable saying that I know there are no gods for the same reason I'm comfortable saying that I know that evolution occurred. Neither one is known with literal 100% Certainity, but I think the evidence and arguments concerning both show that they are well over 99% likely to be the case. So I'm a high probability atheist: I don't say that there is certainly no god, just that it is really fucking unlikely.