Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Debate with Apologetics Press Continues... Part 2

His second email:

Hey Ryan,
One more thing. I can prove the negative
that the human body has not evolved.
Here is the argument. The Law of Biogenesis
says that life in the material Universe
comes only from previous life of its own kind.
According to evolution, life had to
spontaneously generate from non-living
chemicals, then change into millions of
different kinds. Evolution would violate
the Law of Biogenesis. Thus, the human body did
not evolve.


Kyle Butt

My reply:

Hey Kyle,

You're wrong. Abiogenesis is not
within the province of evolution.
It is (barely) in the province of
biology (It's almost closer to
chemistry). Even if God created
the first cell, it is still very
possible that that cell evolved
into all the life we see around us.

I'm not convinced that abiogenesis
is impossible. Even though seems
like a trivial observation that life
doesn't come from non-life, we have
to stop and think. Are the lines
between life and non-life solid or
blurry? I say blurry, because we
have discovered things that meet
some definitions of life and do not
satisfy others. The virus is one
example. Another example is the
replicating entities formed in the
laboratory. If I could, I'd
put my money on life beginning
as a simple, self replicating entity. A
peptide or something like that.
Here are some of the experiments:

The Replicating Peptide
Self Replicating DNA



Anonymous said...

There is no law of biogenesis.

AIGBusted said...

Thanks, Johan, but I'm aware that the "law" of biogenesis isn't really a law.

This guy is just desperate for anything to latch onto.