Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sadly, An Honest Creationist

Richard Dawkins wrote an excellent article about Dr. Kurt Wise. If you don't know already, Dr. Wise is a creation geologist who studied under the late, great Stephen Jay Gould. If anyone can make the case for creation, it would have to be him. Unfortunately, he can't. His Answers in Genesis article about his "favorite evidence for creation" is just another lame talk about the complexity of the eye. Wise discusses the Trilobite eye, which he says "far exceed the needs of the trilobite" (How could we know that about an organism that has been extinct for millions of years?). Another Aig Article states,

"'Every scientist has a set of presuppositions and assumptions that he never questions.' For evolutionists, he says, one of these is the conventional evolutionary assumption that all living things are descended from a common ancestor."

We can't prove common ancestry? Wanna Bet?

Anyway, check out Dawkins' article, it is very revealing.

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Anonymous said...

I recently attended a student sposored "Evolution/Creation discussion" at the university I teach at. I went to see what was going on and to observe them in the wild--it was sponsored by the univerity student chritian organization. I went and sat quietly not wanting to get into an arguement, just to observe. Then the two guest speakers--who were using a powerpoint show with AIG graphics began to talk about 'Darwinists' and how they belive and teach the 'microbe to man' theory. I couln't take it anymore and so explained to them about how that was an idea fifty years out of date. The guest speakers tried to razzle dazzle me with references to various things they figured I didn't know about--bad idea! I referenced them all--including the Meister Print et al. the guy was clearly peeved at me. The best part of this story is that a number of the Christian student members came up to me afterward and happily thanked me for explaing things to them. I was encouraged.