Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today I will be debunking . This site contains typical creationist nonsense, most of which is refuted in "An Index to Creationist Claims". However, I thought I would focus on a single article just to show how wrong they are:

Could Life Just Happen?

It is interesting that the author says "the leap from simple amino acids to a DNA molecule is astronomical" because he has gotten his basic biochemistry wrong: Amino Acids are not at all part of Nucleic Acids like DNA and RNA. He is also confused about the Second Law of Thermodynamics: The Second Law does not prevent increasing complexity or organization. It prevents entropy, the amount of unusable energy in a system, from decreasing.

His assertion is easily debunked by simple experiments: Cyanide has a tendency to form more complex molecules. In fact, nucleotides (very complex molecules that make up RNA) were produced by Stanley Miller in a frozen vial of cyanide and ammonia. This was done without any input of energy, not even heat, since the solution was frozen.

Let this serve as a warning: always be wary of creationists, especially those who hold no credentials in biology: The man who wrote this is described as a "volunteer animal speaker" at Oregon Zoo.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, all the biologists who do not hold to the evolution theory have been expelled. Then, you turn around and say no respected biologist will believe in creationism. Your blind faith in evolution gains my highest respect