Monday, October 6, 2008

The Great Resurrection Debate

I'm not going to make this blog all about religion, but I think I can indulge myself in a post or two from time to time.

Soooo, I have been looking into the evidence for the existence of Jesus as well as the evidence for the resurrection. Here are two debates (one is still going on, the other is complete) which I think are helpful for understanding this issue:

Carrier vs. O'Connell: Did Paul Believe in a Physical Resurrection?

Bart Ehrman vs. William Lane Craig: Is there historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?

Two books I am looking forward to reading (which have not been released yet):

The Jesus Puzzle (Second Edition) by Earl Doherty

On the Historicity of Jesus Christ by Richard Carrier

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of these resources and any resources you find helpful for researching this issue (for or against Christianity).

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DisComforting Ignorance said...

You can make this blog all about religion -- that's fine by me (provided you keep a separate blog dedicated to creationism ;)).

Someone has submitted the resurrection of Jesus to me as proof of Christianity, so I've been reading material relating to the historicity of it. It's my first venture into this particular subject, so it's been interesting.

I haven't gotten to the resources you have listed, but I've added them to my list. There seems to be a lot of good stuff from Richard Carrier and Gary Habermas (who I suppose is a leader in this debate).