Friday, August 14, 2009

Chris Hallquist and Lee Strobel

The other day I emailed Chris Hallquist, author of UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God, the following question:

Today I got to thinking: Why is it that people like Lee Strobel are so eager to believe Christianity?

After all, from reading his books I’ve come to conclude that he must be somewhat dishonest with himself: He’s jumped to a conclusion, presumably because he wants to believe very badly.
Why do you think he finds Christianity so attractive?

In a nutshell, Chris' answer was that Lee converted because his wife did (you can read his answer in full over at his blog).

I don't doubt that Lee's initial motivation to join was to please his wife. But that doesn't really explain why he went on to author several books on Christian apologetics. I mean, if he had become a Christian only because of his wife, why not just be a 'middle of the road' regular church goer? Why go to the trouble of writing his books?

Chris writes that after Lee converted, he probably sought out apologetic material to rationalize his conclusion. I can understand that. Perhaps Lee's apologetic career is the result of

1. Wanting an easy way to make a living.

2. Later discovering a true emotional attachment to Christianity.

Just a thought.

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