Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Homo Sapiens Disappoint Me Sometimes

I get disappointed with people in general sometimes. I really do. I was reading something on a computer at school today and a classmate happened to see that it was about Evolution. "Evolution? What a Crock of Shit!" He said. We began talking about it, and he brought up the fact that monkeys still exist, and the fact that Evolution is 'Just a Theory', and so on. He didn't object when I said that the evidence supported evolution, but he thinks that since science has changed a lot in the past that means it must be a-gonna change again! In his eyes, the fact that science changes means that eventually evolution will be abandoned in favor of one particular bronze age myth. Seriously, that's what he said, although he didn't refer to Genesis as just another bronze age myth. I cannot even count the number of fallacies involved in that line of reasoning. It disappoints me to see that there are so many people who aren't any smarter than this.

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Quokka said...

Actually, the "monkeys still exist" argument is so dumb that even AIG tells creationists not to use it!