Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Christians, Jews, and Muslims: watch this video and tell me if you don't get the distinct feeling that God does not exist. No doubt you'll try and argue that God exists, but can you deny having strong and troublesome doubts while watching this? Please comment and tell me.

Hat tip to Luke from CommonSenseAtheism.


Brelas said...

They will argue that Haitians don't worship their god. That they practice some evil voodoo and that the girl was a sinner and was struck down by the loving blade of god to put her out of her sinning misery.

Unknown said...

To all who think that God is obligated to minimize evil and suffering, please read this excerpt From Kenneth Miller's book "Finding Darwin's God"

It is often said that a Darwinian universe is one whose randomness cannot be reconciled with meaning. I disagree. A world truly without meaning would be one in which a deity pulled the string of every human puppet, indeed of every material particle. In such a world, physical and biological events would be carefully controlled, evil and suffering could be minimized, and the outcome of historical processes strictly regulated. All things would move toward the Creator's clear, distinct, established goals. Such control and predictability, however, comes at the price of independence. Always in control, such a Creator would deny his creatures any real opportunity to know and worship him - authentic love requires freedom, not manipulation. Such freedom is best supplied by the open contingency of evolution.

AIGBusted said...

Andrew, How does the death in this video have anything to do with human freedom?