Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Interesting Thought Experiment


Unknown said...

I appreciate your opinion. Just to clarify one thing. As a Christian I believe that Jesus' purpose on Earth was to teach us and take our sins by dying on the cross. The law was written as a code to live by. When Jesus came He removed the need for the law and replaced it with His Grace. He taught there are 2 rules in which to strive to live by.
1. Love God
2. Love others as you love yourself.
The message Jesus taught was love unconditionally. That is what God does for all those who believe in Him. There are many hypocrites out there and many twisted versions of the Gospel. I encourage you to research the New Testament a little further to get a grasp of the necessity of Jesus' death for our sakes. Faith is also cultivated over time. It is a transormation that takes a lifetime to try and achieve. I have grown my Faith since I was first saved and I pray that years from now I will have more Faith than I do now. I do not let the fact that people are not perfect determine whether I have Faith or not. Once again I appreciate your opinion and I pray that you can appreciate mine.

Unknown said...

Adjustment to previous comment. God loves ALL people not just those who belive in Him.

Katie said...

I spent 25 years following a religious regimen that was very restrictive. It had a lot of stuff to"do" but in the end it all came down to faith and belief.
I enjoyed your video however I would say that enduring this hardship for reward is generally not enough to keep people going for a lifetime. Eventually it would not cut it. This is why so many people change religions IMO. Following the Bible rigidly or any other fundament religion rididly becomes exhausting and people start flocking to the reform churches or create their own religion.