Sunday, April 4, 2010

Atheism and Naturalism is Back and Better than Ever

I know that some thought it would never get done, but... Today I finally finished up revising my book: Atheism and Naturalism. If you downloaded the book recently, you may be able to go to lulu and download it again to get the revised version. I checked on my sales, and no one has bought the print version this year, so I don't think anyone who bought the print version will feel like they wasted their money after the new edition came out. However, if you did buy the older edition in print and you desperately want to see what has changed in the new edition, you should just purchase the download edition and reread, perhaps skipping over the sections that haven't changed much or at all (hint: the bulk of the modification is in chapter one).

And by the way, Richard Carrier read my book, and he liked it. He's even thinking about reviewing it on his blog.

Last but not least, the book will eventually make it to amazon (in several weeks).

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