Friday, August 6, 2010

First review on Amazon + More

My book, Atheism and Naturalism, recently got its first review on Clink the link to read it.

I got a rambling comment on a blog post I made the other day which manages somehow to be both very funny and very sad at the same time. Take a look at what this dumbass wrote:

I have read over your blog and it appears to me that on your Aug.4 post in the beginning you use the word KNOW for the word NO. That is something a Christian would use to say that to KNOW GOD is to KNOW PEACE or NO GOD and NO PEACE. First of all I am a God fearing believing Christian, who has been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. My question to you is if all things were created by evolution and that means MAN would have had a hand in it right? Can you name ONE thing that man can make that God didn't make first? I tell you for 100% that there is a God and I KNOW that he has saved me and over years evolutionist have been trying to figure it out trying, always changing the story of how it happened the Big Bang Theory or monkeys or something else. Well one thing is true the Bible has never changed it’s the same today as yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow. The only thing that changes is translations so we may understand it better, but the meaning has never changed. God sent his only son Jesus Christ here to die for you and me to save us from a life of eternal hell and damnation, a pure and selfless sacrifice for all sinners. All we have to do is ask for it and you and KNOW for a 100% that there is a GOD too and never be 99% unsure about anything. I will pray for you that you will continue to search for the truth and that God will show the light. Seek and you shall find God will show you light if you let him. No one comes to the Father except through me Jesus Christ. Don’t give up you will find the answers to all your questions and the right ones. Many blessings and prayers are sent to you.


Voice said...
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AIGBusted said...

Hi Dan (or Dave?),

I'm glad you liked my research article, and I agree that trying hard to be unbiased is a good thing.

I was curious about the arguments for creation that you say are convincing. Can you please state those arguments?

I believe that there is nothing wrong with ridiculing those who are ridiculous. If someone leaves comments filled with rambling nonsense that attempt to belittle serious and sound scientific theories, and also attempts to bring up arguments that have been answered thousands of times before (literally!) that shows that that person has not made any serious attempt to educate themselves and they deserve no serious attention from me. I have learned from experience that taking someone like that seriously doesn't send them the right message. Treating them seriously sends the message that this person really does know enough to be talking about evolution/the big bang/whatever and that their arguments are actually some kind of serious challenge. They aren't.