Friday, September 3, 2010

The Amazing Atheist is on a Roll

I have so been saying the same shit to people for the past couple of weeks. And BTW, all of this video is great for pointing out how muslims have the right to build whatever they want wherever they want, however, the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" isn't exactly on Ground Zero and it isn't exactly a mosque.


Unknown said...

Sir Atheist, if there is no God, there are no laws of logic, there are no preconditions of intelligence, there are just randomly rearranged pieces of something (which came from nothing) floating around in mere chaos. For you to get this message across was a huge assumption that what happened to be coming out of your mouth was even logical. But if there is no God, then logic doesn't even exist, hence, what I heard is open to interpretation, and there's no reason to think that anything you just said was in any sort of reasonable context. All I heard was anger at Pat, and that he's a liar. Who are you to push your morals on me anyway? Who is the judge of what morals even are? YOU? Do you think lying is wrong? Responding to me will just prove my point that you assume laws of logic and that you borrow from Biblical principals whether you like it or not. You know that the God of the Bible really exists, my guess is that your suppressing the truth in unrighteousness because you don't want to be held accountable to His laws. Take a look at the 10 commandments: LYING, STEALING, BLASPHEMY..... If you've broken these laws, you will be guilty before a perfect God on the day of judgment. You need to repent (turn from you sin) and trust in Christ alone to take away your sins, and then you will truly be born again. I'm not angry at your message, but I would like to see you in heaven. I do care.

AIGBusted said...

Hi Matt,

You've asserted multiple times that the laws of logic would not exist if God didn't, and yet you didn't bother to argue that this is true, so I am not sure at all why you think that.

I've heard arguments, such as the "Transcendental Argument" for the existence of God, which are supposed to try and show that the laws of logic prove God's existence. Maybe you are appealing to that kind of argument? If you are, just google search my blog for "presuppositionalism" and "transcendental" and you should find some blog posts that address this.

You've also mentioned that you think that if God didn't exist everything had to come from nothing. That's not the only idea on the table. I've written about this before in my book, Atheism and Naturalism, and may have written about it on my blog (I don't remember for sure though).

And no, morality is not dependent on the Bible or on God. I may write something about this in the future, but if you really want to understand what atheists think about that particular subjects, check out . Check out other atheist blogs and websites. Read books that ethicists have written.

Eddy L said...

Sorry, I didn't get your name but that was amazing. I am a Christian, bible believing, conservative and I don't think it's the right thing for Muslims to place a mosque in the proposed area but your right, we are Americans and we boast religious freedom. I am asking myself what my motive for denying them the Mosque is and the short of it is pride, hate, control etc. None of those things are what my bible says are of The Lord or America, for that matter. Thanks, man! I knew you damn atheists were good for something! Lol!
Nice work, my fellow American! God ble... Oops, I mean, ummm??? Uncle Sam bless you!
Eddy Lederer