Monday, December 19, 2011

A Critique of Buddhism

You don't see this often. Here.


Arizona Atheist said...

Thanks for this article. It was very good. The author's views very much mirror my own since I also tried out and studied Buddhism for several years; even studied with a Buddhist monk for a while, but felt that it still had too many silly supernatural beliefs, like reincarnation, for my taste. While the meditation was very peaceful, relaxing, and I even felt a sense of the spiritual in a sense, it just wasn't for me. I figured I could better use the time spent just sitting there (meditation) by reading philosophy or studying history.

Unknown said...

You're right- we dont see these kinds of things very often :)

BTW I studied Buddhism a bit as well- although not as much as you have. I liked meditation- and was able to do it quite proficiently. But I agree that reading gives me the ultimate high.