Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paganism and Early Christianity

John Loftus recently posted about an article in the Journal for Biblical Literature that discusses the parallels between Greco-Roman gods and Jesus. Loftus posted a handy table from that article that shows the parallels and the ancient sources that those parallels come from. The article that this comes from is called "Mark's Empty Tomb and Other Translation fables in Antiquity" By Richard C. Miller. You can read the article yourself, as the entire issue of that journal is online here. I was happy to see that Miller wrote about many parallels that I discussed in a 2009 article I wrote called "The Forgotten Sons of God." As a side note: Plutarch wrote Numa Pompilius around 110 AD, not in 75 AD as it says in the article. I've also blogged a bit further about a parallel between a certain gospel/Buddhist story here.

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