Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Edgy, But A Good Wake-Up Call for Christians (and Muslims)

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Tom said...

"You are part of an evil cult that wants the worst possible things to happen to me"

Sitting on the fence here, but that is a sad statement. No christian, muslim etc... wants that. That why evangislm and so on exist.

"If they (christians) would think about the implications of their beliefs, they would stop believing"

I don't think they would. their beliefs often lead them to have a happier life than most, and they are covered wether it's real or not. If there is a God the believer wins. If there isn't well what has he lost? I guess he's be made fun of on this blog but that's about it lol.

Sorry, video is pretty crappy by your standards. Have grown to expect better from you :)