Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kent Hovind vs. Infidel Guy

Here's a very good (and rather old) call-in interview with creationist Kent Hovind from the Infidel Guy show. Several important points for debating creationists may be gleaned from this:

1. Setting up a format similar to a conversation is a good idea. With some debates, one guy gets 20 minutes to speak, the next guy 20 minutes, and so on. This is a bad idea, because creationists can throw out more baloney in 20 minutes uninterrupted than an Oscar Meyer factory in overtime. But if you can stop and discuss the issue, and pursue it to the conclusion, then one can see that creationism does not hold up. Listen to the way Hovind gets backed into corners in several instances.

2. If you debate a creationist, know your topic. Think of every possible objection the creationist could make (Be familiar with your opponent's views and look at your arguments through an opponents eyes). You can see that Hovind's opponents have done this, especially the guy who called in about Carbon Dating.


Aaron said...

Excellent advice!

I recommend the "Counter-Creationism Handbook", the text version of the TalkOrigins archive.

They've been using the same old arguments, and continue to use them. You should be an EXPERT on refuting everything in the CC Handbook.

Stay abreast with current issues in case they happen to read AiG. You'll need to learn some Biology, some Chemistry, some Biochemistry, some Astronomy, some Physics, and some Geology. Expect your opponents to conflate all of those subjects under the general "Evolution" umbrella.

Anonymous said...

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