Friday, March 25, 2011

Having Pizza Tonight?

I was cutting into a delicious pepperoni-and-canadian-bacon-thin-crust just a few days ago, and having a tough time trying to hack out a piece with my spatula. I've used pizza cutters before, but even those aren't usually great for getting through the crust. It suddenly occurred to me that I probably owned the perfect utensil to cut a piece of pizza with, though I had never used it nor seen it used. Guess what it is?

Pair of Scissors. I swear, a pair of scissors is the most excellent thing to cut a pizza ever. And you don't need to run out and buy any special or fancy kind of scissors (believe it or not, there's actually a fancy and overpriced pair of "pizza scissors"). Just get the cheap 1-2 dollar pair at your local Wal-Mart or Target and you are good to go.

I knew I couldn't be the first one to think of doing this, so I did some "google research" on it. I found one discussion thread about it, and look what people are saying about cutting pizza with scissors:

"Maybe in Asylums they do it"

"I prefer to use a big f#ck-off knife"

"My friend Katie does this she came over my house and tried to do it to my pizza, i rightfully slapped her to the ground and booted her firmly in the face.*

*may be a slight over exaggeration"


Baconeater said...

My wife started using scissors quite a few years ago to cut pizza, and it is probably the best method to do so.

Christopher said...

What an odd blog post. I'll have to try this sometime.