Thursday, June 30, 2011

There are Open Minds

Some time ago, I got into a long and extensive debate with Dr. Gunter Bechly. He posted an update on his views recently in a comment:

"I meanwhile read Gary Drescher`s book several times. I have to agree with AIGBusted that it is a highly recommendable book that profoundly changed my views (incl. solving my problems with the nature of causality, time, consciousnes and free will). To make a long story short: I withdraw my above objections (and my support for 'Process Philosophy' as metaphysics), and now agree that the completely naturalistic worldview as presented by Gary Drescher is indeed the most parsimonious and most convincing explanation for all phenomena. Drescher's metaphysic is by the way not really 'materialist' but rather corresponds to the 'mathematical universe hypothesis' and 'ultimate ensemble' of Max Tegmark."

The book under discussion is Good and Real: Demystifying Paradoxes from Physics to Ethics (A Bradford Book)


Dr. Günter Bechly said...
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AIGBusted said...

Hiya Gunter,

I was wondering if you've written anything that describes your journey from one position to the other. If you write anything on that, please let me know and post a link, I'd love to read it.


Dr. Günter Bechly said...

Well, some months passed and my worldview turned again, because I had some extremely helpful discussions with the philosopher of physics David Albert. He made me realize that all attempts to combine libertarian free will and qualia realism or even panentheism with a fully naturalistic worldview, e.g. with Whiteheadian process philosophy, are doomed to fail, because they all necessarily have to violate fundamental laws of nature (esp. the deterministic Schroedinger wave equation of quantum mechanics). I am neither willing to accept supernaturalism, nor to dispute well established laws of nature only to accomodate a convenient metaphysical worldview. Consequently, I returned to the atheistic, materialistic, physicalistic, mechanistic, reductionistic, metaphysics of the mathematical universe and ultimate ensemble theory (sensu Max Tegmark) within the naturalistic worldview described by Gary Drescher in his book "Good and Real".