Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 to everyone out there, especially my readers! I hope you have a prosperous and safe 2012.

This January, as boredom sets in and it remains chilly outside, grab a cup of warm cocoa or coffee and curl up with a copy of my book Selected Essays, now available as a paperback book! (Ebook can be purchased here).

In other news, Richard Carrier recently made an excellent blog post about why eating meat isn't wrong ("Meat Not Bad"). Robert M. Price has released a book called The Christ Myth Theory and Its Problems (You can find it for sale on his homepage). I'm reading it right now and should review it within the next several weeks. These two authors also happen to have authored my two most anticipated books of 2012:

The Amazing Colossal Apostle: The Search for the Historical Paul

Proving History: Baye's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus

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piet said...

Dear Mr.

To promote skepticism/critical thinking I wrote some questions for the Christian believer. Are you able to put the link to these questions at your blog.

Thank you very much,

Piet - Rotterdam - Netherlands.

The original questions
The translation