Saturday, December 1, 2007

Changes to "Evolution for Creationists"

Hi Everyone!

I made a few alterations to the "Evolution for Creationists" series. A few days ago, I corrected my erroneous statement that marsupials were only found in Australia. I should have checked into that more, what I meant was that Monotremes are only found in Australia and New Guinea.

The next thing I did was to go back and try to explain fossil succession in a more clear manner. Check here and see how I did.

In Part 4, under the question "Has Macro-Evolution Ever been observed?" I added the following:

"However, over the course of history some dramatic changes have been witnessed from the Artificial Selection of Plants. Artificial Selection is when human beings choose only the best of their crop to reproduce. After generations and generations, this can produce something very different from the wild product. Just take a look at how much our modern day corn differs from its wild ancestor."

And finally, under the question "Has Evolution ever been observed?" I added the these examples:

Arizona Fruit Fly Speciation
London Mosquito Speciation
Salamanders and Songbirds

It has truly amazed me how much evolution we have actually gotten to witness. There is almost too many instances of changes in plants and animals, and the emergence of new species to keep track of.

Well, if I have stated anything incorrectly or in a way that is not clear, please feel free to let me know.



Efrique said...

Monotremes also occur in New Guinea (to the north of Australia). Specifically, echidnas are found there. (Indeed, the three long-beaked species aren't found in Australia.)

This doesn't really alter your point - I just bring it up for accuracy.

e.g. see
(I don't expect you to take Wikipedia's word for it, but the references at the bottom of the article are solid.)

Anonymous said...

You are now on The List. :)

You know me from Shermerland

Aaron said...

The cultivated banana is another great example. Previously used by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron in their Way of the Masturbator television show.

The cultivated banana, a product of artificial selection, is drastically different from that which it descends from (Plantains, if I remember correctly).