Thursday, December 13, 2007

Updates on Intelligent Design

Those who read about Evolution and Intelligent Design will have probably read these before, nevertheless I wanted to post them:

"The Vise Strategy Undone" by Barbara Forrest - Mrs. Forrest does an excellent job of unraveling intelligent design (for the billionth time). One thing that I found revealing is that apparently Bill Dembski and Michael Behe were tutoring Ann Coulter about evolution (for her then upcoming book). This makes it very clear that I.D. is a right wing, religiously-motivated political agenda. I mean, why would you tutor the most violently right wing woman in America so that she could author a book dealing with evolution, if you had no agenda?

Nick Matzke's Review of the Edge of Evolution
- The most devastating review of the Edge that I have read so far. Nick took his time reading and researching, and delivers a crushing blow to Behe.

Nick Matzke's Response to Behe - Highlights Behe's failure to respond to Matzke's objections.


Berlzebub said...

All good things to read, but one nitpick.

It's Barbara Forrest, not Forrester.

Brett said...

Good stuff.

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