Saturday, November 8, 2008

Updates to my site/ A word on my other writings

Updates to my site:

A link to Ex-Apologist's list of refutations to theistic arguments.

A Refutation of the Argument from the 'inner witness' of the Holy Spirit.

Signifigant Revisions to My page on Jesus.

I am planning on authoring two new articles: One on why creationists believe the nonsense they do (and why they have nothing to fear from Evolution), and another about some common lies/misconceptions peddled by Answers in Genesis. There is a possibility that both of these will appear on I am also currently reading Richard Carrier's book 'Sense and Goodness without God' and will write a review of it within the next three weeks or so.

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SirMoogie said...

The main problem with the "inner witness" defense is it is an escape to solipsism. This is easily demonstrated with the breakdown in consistency among the reports from those who claim an "inner witness". How does the "inner witness" defense account for the Hindu who attributes their feelings of joy to Lakshmi, reconcile this with the Christian that attributes these, or potentially different experiences, to Jesus. If we accept these accounts as anything other than subjective experiences mistaken for a god, we introduce inconsistency into our conception of reality. The only alternative at this point is to embrace some form of relativism in reality, where everyone is entitled to their own truth (i.e., solipsism).