Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am very pleased about the outcome of the debate. I picked a winner on my first time voting.

In other news, Ken Ham gets his hiney handed to him. AiG invited a Geologist to a "debate" after he criticized some of their claims in a local newspaper. Happy Jihad asks:

"Let's look at the claims that you have made and see if they warrant a serious geologist's attention:

You said that unicorns are real. You claim that the Beowulf story is evidence of human cohabitation with dinosaurs. You say that sometimes religious genocide is OK. You think that the government is training people to talk to aliens. You believe that evolution is a random process, a process of blind chance, which is just factually wrong. You target children because they can't defend themselves and trust you (talk about a cowardly act). You believe if a 2-year old understands it, it must be cutting edge science. You believe that observation and measurement cannot trump "common sense." You believe you do the type of science that you need "faith" to understand instead of, you know, "understanding" to understand. You believe...whatever the fuck this is. You employ the nanny-nanny boo-boo defense. Your ilk does not even try to publish outside of its little circle, and you set up a bogus journal to pretend that you were scholars, THEREBY AVOIDING THE DEBATE YOU CLAIM TO CRAVE. You stare at evolution, describe evolution, and then say, "It's not evolution.""

Amen, brother.


big PeTe said...

what, no in between stages of human and apes to be discovered??

you are a lunatic, jelly fish are 98% water and watermelon is 97% water... i guess watermelon came from jellyfish...

you are smart, im glad someone smarter created us smart ppl

Bing said...


You are a vacuous man-ditz. That's not how evolution works. However, I challenge you to examine a jellyfish and a watermelon at a cellular level and then ask you to tell me that they could not have come from a common ancestor, a self-contained cellular organism with nuclear DNA.

In a backasswards sort of way, indeed, you do hint at something that is interesting. People are what, 80% water or so? Anyway, that is in fact a heritage of our oceanic beginnings. The thing is, the successful little suckers who started onto land needed lots of water (they were primarily aquatic), so to be successful, to run that cellular machinery out of water, it had to find a way to keep itself moist on land. Indeed, our dependence on water is a consequence of our ancestors' inability to take the oceans with them.

Answer me one question: why would you take the word of a preacher over the word of a scientist when it came to science? It's like going to a plumber for an appendectomy.