Monday, March 30, 2009

This is Sad

Courtesy of ScienceDaily:

Only 53% of adults know how long it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun.

Only 59% of adults know that the earliest humans and dinosaurs did not live at the same time.

Only 47% of adults can roughly approximate the percent of the Earth's surface that is covered with water.*

Only 21% of adults answered all three questions correctly.


HERP said...

Oh wow, that's just sad

formerfundy said...

Those answers are easy for a creationist.

1. The earth is the center of the univers and sits unmoving just like Jesus wants, so trick question.

2. Shortly after Noah's flood, which occured to punish all of the wicked world.

3. Who cares, just praise the Lord.

1 year(365.249days), 65million, and 75% I believe are the actual answers off of the top of my head.


Prof. Bleen said...

The first question is tricky: the actual answer is "one sidereal year", whereas the year on which are calendar is based is the tropical year, which is about 20 minutes shorter. I wonder what the actual responses were.