Friday, October 2, 2009

Is Michael Moore Honest?

I came across an interesting article on Yahoo! that discussed documentary film maker Michael Moore's movie making practices, with criticisms and his responses.

I watched a film about Moore about a year ago, and I cannot remember the title of it, but I do recall that it did show some highly questionable tactics in Moore's editing. Also, if you read the linked article, you'll see that Moore claimed that Cubans have a higher life expectancy than Americans-- Which is true, but it is only a difference of one tenth of a year. So Moore did engage in sensationalism there. My advice is: Never trust a movie. Always find the original peer reviewed articles and read them yourself.

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Dave Barrett said...

If you actually watched Sicko you would know that Michael Moore did not imply that Cubans had better health care than Americans. He was claiming that their health care was better in some respects but his main point was they paid 1/19 as much per person as we do and get comparable results. There was nothing questionable or sensationalistic in that at all.