Thursday, October 1, 2009

Need Help

Hi Everyone,

I try not to do this too much on my blog, but here goes: I'm in college right now, and have been unemployed for quite a while. I've looked for a job, but have not found one, probably due to the fact that the economy is in the toilet. Anyway, I'm going through hard times right now, and if anyone donates I would be very, very appreciative. You should see a paypal 'donate' button on the right side of the blog near the top, but if it isn't showing up, just send paypal payments to

Also, The Infidel Guy Show will be on live at 8/7 Central. Here's the show description:

Show 500! Fighting Against "The Gay Agenda". Atheist Rapper Charlie Check'm reappears but in a different capacity this time. Chuck can now add Anti-Gay to his repertoire. Check'm says he doesn't hate gays but believes that "homos" have brain malfunctions and that they shouldn't be allowed to marry. He makes an appearance to defend his stance and also explains why he thinks any rational person, especially atheists and agnostics, should also be against the "gay agenda".

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morris108 said...

Homosexuality in our society and Judaism, Neturei Karta

Is the Gay Agenda an imperialist NeoCon one?