Saturday, December 5, 2009

Climate Change A Hoax?

I haven't had time to check the info in this video YET, however, I encourage others to do so, and furthermore, I think the argument presented against Global Warming being a conspiracy (because of the difficulties and implausibilities the video author explained) in and of itself conclusively disproves the notion that this is a big conspiracy.


D.L. Folken said...

We don't know if it is a hoax or not because the data has been destroyed that formed the basis for their conclusions. It is a travesty for sure; however, I think this practice is fairly commonly employed by scientist who are seeking money, grants and fame. A conflict of interest exist and everyone is well aware that those who control the journals suppress dissent and exclude dissent on a regular basis.

AIGBusted said...


You're comments just show what a dumbass you are. Oh yes, scientists are all conspiring for money

Unknown said...

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