Friday, September 16, 2011

On Spanking

Recently an old high school classmate of mine posted something on facebook in favor of spanking. I'll reproduce it for you:

Have to laugh at people who are against spanking. I sometimes got spanked when I disobeyed... I didn't hate them... I didn't have trust issues with them because of it... I didn't fear them... But I sure respected them! And I learned what my boundaries were, and knew what would happen if I broke them. I wasn't abused, I was disciplined....SINCE WE TOOK THIS SOFT APPROACH, LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY ,YOUNGSTERS, AND SCHOOLS !!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how I responded:

Once again, the truth is in the middle. People who say spanking is child abuse are way overstating their case. On the other hand, spanking has been constantly noted to coincide with violent predispositions in children. Here's some of the research:

I found it Ironic that you said "SINCE WE TOOK THIS SOFT APPROACH, LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY ,YOUNGSTERS, AND SCHOOLS!" Yeah, out of all the first world countries that exist, we use corporal punishment more most. We also have the highest murder rate. Just something to think about.

And I'd like to add something to all this: I was spanked as a kid. I don't think it did any good, and I think there are better ways to deal with kids than this.

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Paul said...

"I didn't fear them... But I sure respected them!"

I don't believe this.

It seems wrong to me. The purpose of spanking is to cause fear (or apprehension -or whatever the more appropriate word may be). Not respect. Seems to me your class mate is out of the ordinary.

I typically view respect (within the context) as not doing what you are not supposed to because the person knows why it is bad to do so. I don't think, though could be wrong, spanking accomplishes this. Spanking is don't do it because there will be direct negative consequences to the person.