Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sam Harris' New One

It is a 26 page essay:

Lying (Kindle Single)

You can download kindle software for your PC for free, so read it! For two bucks it is great food for the mind, and Harris is such a great writer.

At one point in the book Harris discusses that age-old awkward question: When a woman asks you, "Does this dress make me look fat?" (and it does) what should you say? Harris, I believe correctly, argues that even in this situation you shouldn't lie. I won't reiterate his reasons for thinking so, but I have something I'd like to add.

Even in an awkward situation like that, you can be totally honest and actually give advice that is constructive but not hurtful. For example: "This dress doesn't suit you well, why don't you try on this one?"

Or you could try the tactic of introducing an honest compliment along with a criticism: "I'll be honest, you would look much better if you were more active and watched what your diet. Overall you're not an unattractive woman because x,y,z."

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