Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Evolution is True

The other day I wrote a post about Jerry Coyne's excellent article on theism and evolutionary theory as well the fact that he was coming out with a new book.

Today I went to the bookstore and had a look at Jerry Coyne's new book "Why Evolution is True" and I have to say that at a glance it looks superb. Coyne seems to have bent over backwards to clearly and simply explain the evidence for evolution and why the objections to it fail. For example, creationists often argue that vestigial organs have a purpose. Wings are specified for flying, but the ostrich simply uses its wings for a lesser function (balance). A vestigial organ is sort of like using an old van as a clubhouse: It works, but the van definitely was not originally built for that purpose. So why do we see such jerry rigged organs like the wing of the ostrich? Because they are descended from a species which could fly. God could have created them with something else to do the same job.

That's just one example, I recommend Coyne's book to anyone who wants a thorough understanding of the evidence for evolution.


SirMoogie said...

Since this is your area of expertise, perhaps you'd want to recommend it to this bloke:

Cheryl said...

Many Christians do believe in some form of evolution, my self included. We're open to the fact that creation is not ALL there is. What more perfect design can there be than one with the ability to evolve?

SirMoogie said...

One that evolves without including genetic abnormalities like this:

Cheryl said...

Of course. In a perfect world, with or without evolution or creationism. How tragic.