Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Francis Collins and some others have set up a website which defends belief in God and Evolutionary Theory (and attempts to show that the two are compatible). From what I've seen, this is definitely a great improvement over other apologetics websites (Answers in Genesis comes to mind). It's the more rational side of faith. I would recommend this to believers and athesits alike. Here's the link:


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Aaron said...

Not that he's the be-all, end-all or anything, but PZ (Pharyngula) is very dissatisfied with this site.

Here are his recent rants about it:

I understand his point... but I also dig the importance of building a bridge for people to cross rather than expecting them to leap across a chasm on their own.

Still - apparently Collins uses the old SLoTD argument regarding the expansion of the natural universe and its order... *sigh*

The reason that faith & science can coexist is because they occupy two different functions -- the former is supernatural, the latter is natural. Plain and simple.

When you start crossing that boundary, THAT'S when trouble starts. I'm somewhat disappointed that Collins' feels compelled to attempt to explain the natural world via a dubious supernatural explanation, even if I partially agree with his end-goal. Oh well.