Saturday, June 6, 2009

Evil Theism / Arguing About Gods

Philosopher Stephen Law wrote a paper which challenges theists to argue why the evidence favors a good God over an evil one:

Also, Common Sense Atheism gives us a list of videos from the Closer to the Truth website of prominent philosophers discussing important questions about God, Atheism, and Existence.

Why is Science & Theology So Intriguing? (Victor Stenger, Francis Collins)

Does God Make Sense? (Huston Smith)

Big Pictures of God? (Paul Davies, Daniel Dennett, Keith Ward pt 1 and pt 2)

Wondering about God? (John Leslie)

How Should We Think about God’s Existence? (William Dembski, Michael Shermer)

Arguing God’s Existence? (Alvin Plantinga, William Dembski)

Debating God’s Existence? (Steven Weinberg)

Considering God’s Existence? (Keith Ward, Nancey Murphy, William Lane Craig)

Arguments About God? (Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne, Bede Rundle)

Arguing from First Cause? (Quentin Smith)

Arguing from Design? (Richard Swinburne, William Dembski, Bede Rundle)

Arguing God from Teleology? (William Dembski)

Arguing God from Order and Purpose? (Michael Shermer)

Arguing God from Natural Theology? (Victor Stenger, William Dembski, Alvin Plantinga, Russell Stannard pt 1 and pt 2)

Arguing God from Being? (Seyyed Nasr)

Arguing God from Morality? (Michael Shermer, Francis Collins)

Arguing God from Moral Law? (David Shatz, J.P. Moreland)

Arguing God from Religious Experience? (Michael Shermer)

Arguing God from Miracles and Revelations (Francis Collins, Bede Rundle)

Arguing from Consciousness? (Bede Rundle)

Arguing God from Human Uniqueness? (Francisco Ayala, Francis Collins)

Arguing God with Analytic Philosophy? (Francis Collins, Keith Ward)

Arguing God with Unusual Reasons? (Michael Shermer)

Arguments for Atheism? (Michael Shermer, Nancey Murphy, Daniel Dennett)

Fallacies in Arguing for God? (Richard Swinburne, Michael Tooley)

Fallacies in Proving God Exists? (Victor Stenger, Nancey Murphy)

Does Evil Disprove God? (Alvin Plantinga pt 1 and pt 2)

Does Evil Refute God’s Existence? (Michael Shermer, Nancey Murphy)

Is Evil Necessary in God’s World? (Arthur Hyman, V.V. Raman)

Did God Create Evil? (Greg Boyd, William Dembski, Nancey Murphy)

What is God Like? (Keith Ward, Arthur Hyman, V.V. Raman)

Does God Have a Nature? (Bede Rundle)

Is God All Powerful? (Bede Rundle)

Is God All Knowing? (John Leslie, William Lane Craig pt 1 and pt 2)

Can God Change? (Greg Boyd)

Is God Necessary? (Richard Swinburne, Bede Rundle)

Is Theism Coherent (Seyyed Nasr)

How is God the Creator? (Hubert Dreyfus, William Dembski)

Is God Outside of Time? (William Lane Craig pt 1 and pt 2)

How Could God Know the Future? (Russell Stannard)

Has God Settled the Future? (Greg Boyd)

If God Knows the Future, What is Free Will? (Peter van Inwagen, David Shatz)

How Could God Interact with the World? (David Gross, Francis Collins, William Dembski, Robert Russell pt 1 and pt 2, Nancey Murphy)

Does God Intervene in the World? (David Shatz)

Universalism vs. Particularism in Religions (Huston Smith, Amanda Guruge, Richard Swinburne pt 1 and pt 2, Seyyed Nasr, V.V. Raman pt 1 and pt 2)

Does Philosophy Inform Religion? (David Shatz)

Does Philosophy Illuminate Religion? (Bede Rundle, Michael Tooley)

What are Possible Worlds? (Peter van Inwagen)

Is This the End Time? (Nancey Murphy, John Leslie pt 1 and pt 2)

Is There are Judgment? (Arthur Hyman)

What Is God’s Judgment? (Huston Smith)

What Would a Judgment be Like? (Richard Swinburne)

What is Eternity? (Russell Stannard)

What is Immortality? (Nancey Murphy)

Eternal Life is Like What? (Richard Swinburne)

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