Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Update

I am preparing two articles right now to be published in the next few weeks: One will be about Francis Crick's speculation that aliens seeded life on earth (Crick is the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA and a highly respected scientist) the other will be a critical review of Hugh Ross' book "More than a theory: Revealing a Testable Creation Model".

Secondly, I just wanted to publish a little propaganda of book:

When I was writing the book, I emailed philosopher Paul Draper my section on "irreducible complexity". He read it and said: "I liked almost all of the excerpt you sent me. You make several solid points very clearly."

One member of my freethought group emailed me and said: "I'm about half way through your book. I've been enjoying and learning."

Over at lulu, I only have one review of my book, but it is positive:

"Fairly easy read with plenty of sources to use in debating or just honing your own ideas. There are many subjects that could have been expounded upon but the author does point out the book is brief for necessity. I had a little problem downloading but it suddenly did appear and the problem is solved. I particularly liked the chapter about the witness of the holy spirit as in the author's point of view not really valid as proof. I also appreciated some of the scripture comparisons that saves a lot of time hunting them down and I probably wouldn't have bothered-----thanks to Nick on that one. Well worth the download and price. Thanks Nick / thanks lulu"

So far I have had no negative feedback on the book. Amongst the few who have read, they like it, and chances are you will too, as I spent a lot of time researching it to make it as rigorous (and readable) as I could. Click here to purchase.

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