Monday, December 10, 2007

A Correction: The Evolution of the Flagellum

I came across a blog post by Nick Matzke about the PNAS paper on the evolution of the flagellum. Unfortunately, this paper has too many problems for me to feel comfortable referencing, so I have removed it from my review of The Edge of Evolution. Of course, this really isn't much of a problem, since Matzke has already written a paper on the evolution of the flagellum (which I used instead in my review). That doesn't even address some of the real fatal flaws to irreducible complexity.

All in all, situations like this are actually good because they show the willingness of real scientists like Matzke to be truthful about things like this.

Hopefully it will also illustrate to my blog readers that I strive for perfection and openly admit when I am wrong.


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Shalini said...

Glad to see that you have made this correction. I actually winced while reading that PNAS paper as I knew that creationists would pounce on the multiple errors present.