Sunday, December 2, 2007

Counter Creationism Resources

I have taken the time to put together a robust list of web sites/pages/etc. which destroy creationism. Enjoy!

Genesis Vs. Geology by Stephen Jay Gould

Gould explains why creationism isn't science, and why the fossil record has falsified it.

The Polar Bear Disproves Creationism

Ron Rayborne explains how the Polar Bear completely falsifies the claims of creationism.

Six Flood Arguments Creationists Can't Answer

An absolutely excellent article which uses multiple lines of evidence to falsify the Global Flood Myth.

Glenn Morton's Anti-Creationism Page - Very well written articles from a former young earth creationist turned Geologist.

No Answers in Genesis - Great site with a lot of articles.

American Atheists on Evolution
- Frank Zindler writes a variety of excellent articles on evolution and creationism, in a way that is easy to understand. My favorites:

The Kiwi Question - Shows how Biogeography disproves Creationism

Rock of Ages - Why Geology reveals the Earth to be very, very old.

Half a Wing and No Prayer
- Discusses the Evolution of the Wing and Eye.


Evolution: 24 Myths and Misconceptions - Highly recommended for those still learning!

Evolution/Creation NCSE Archives

Creationism: Scientists Respond

Internet Infidels on Creationism

Talk Origins on Creationism

Ken Miller's Intelligent Design Page

Lenny Flank's "Creationism Debunked" Page

DefCon's Top 10 Reasons the Universe is NOT Six Thousand Years Old

Creationism and Intelligent Design Watch

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

Don Lindsay's Creationism Page - Goes through Many Specific Issues.

Major Problems with the Flood Story

ERV Blog - An Graduate Student With a Talent for Debunking IDers

Panda's Thumb - All the Latest News on ID and Creationism.

Youtube Mania!

These are some of my favorite youtubers who regularly create videos debunking creationism:

Extant Dodo

"Actually..." Dedicated to Making Creationists look Foolish

CDK007 - He explains the Evolution of the Flagellum, and constantly debunks IDists/Creationists.

My Youtube Channel

Specific Videos

Neanderthals and mtDNA

The Age of Our World Made Easy

Vestigial Organs

Bacteria: The Link You've Been Waiting For

Ray Comfort's Banana Challenge

Intelligent Design Section

Scientists Defend PBS Evolution Series

Jonathan Wells Debunked

"The Vise Strategy Undone" by Barbara Forrest

Nick Matzke's Review of the Edge of Evolution

Nick Matzke's Response to Behe

NOVA: Judgement Day Part 1

The Flagellum Unspun

Design On the Defensive

How Intelligent Design Works

Ken Miller's Evolution Page

Failed Intelligent Design Prediction

One of Behe's Mistakes in 'The Edge'

The Discovery Institute's Youtube Propaganda

The Discovery Institute's Youtube Propaganda 2

Creationist Deception / Creationism Exposed - These are specific examples not listed in the "Files AiG Doesn't Want you to Read"

Creationists Cannot Agree Whether Fossils Are Ape or Human

The Lucy Fossil

David Menton Lies About Tiktaalik

Kent Hovind Vs. Molecular Geneticist

AiG Gets it All Wrong on Genetic Algorithms

CreationWiki and Lies

Patterson Misquoted: A Tale of Two Cites

Creationist Whoppers

A Creationist Exposed

Frank Zindler Debates John Morris

Frank Zindler Debates Duane Gish

Maculate Deception: The Science of Creationism

ICR Gets Owned!! Experiments that Verify Evolution

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Patrick said...

Bookmarked! Thanks!

Australian Atheist said...

I love the banana argument. Cracks me up.

Berlzebub said...

The polar bear link was interesting, even without it being a challenge.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the EvoWiki?

Their list of creationist claims is great too, and the responses are probably better than Mark Isaaks (by virtue of it being a wiki, thus editable by anyone).

Anonymous said...

Answers in Creation is a Christian website specially set up to debunk answers in Genesis! Even if you're an atheist it is still a useful link to have as nobody can accuse it of having naturalistic presuppositions and it is important to be aware that AIG attacks just as much a strawman version of theistic evolution/old earth creationism as it does with everything else.