Monday, December 1, 2008

My Letter to the Cincinnati Zoo

UPDATE: This letter was one among dozens which has caused the Cincinnati Zoo to retract its offer. My trust in America has gone up just a little, but not enough to even think about letting my guard down.

Sent to:

In reguards to its decision to join hands with creationists and sell "combo tickets" to get into the creation museum and the CZ for the same price.


I am writing you concerning the Cincinnati Zoo's recent decision to join hands with the Creation "Museum" and sell tickets to both parks at the same price.

In making this decision, the Cincinatti Zoo has disgraced itself by associating with a pseudoscientific, deceptive, and ludicrous organization. Any biologist worth his or her salt will recognize the hogwash and misinformation which permeates the Creation Museum. I have written about this in article you may access here:

Ask yourselves: Is this type of nonsensical, propaganda-spewing organization that a reputable center of science should be associating itself with?

It was also extremely ill timed in making this repulsive and illegitimate business deal: American citizens are less scientifically literate than other first world countries and are also far more hostile to the theory of evolution than the people of other nations. This time calls for Zoos, Museums, Universities to be fighting harder than ever for the understanding of Science, not dampening it by joining arms and giving approval to people out to weaken the understanding of science for religious purposes.

Thank you for your time,


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Anthony said...

I live in Northern Kentucky and work in Cincinnati (so both the zoo and the museum are about 20 minutes away from where I live and work) and I had no idea this was going on or I would have written them as well. In fact I was on the Cincinnati Zoo's website this past Friday and didn't see (or notice) the deal going on. Thanks for writing your letter. It's good that they removed it as AiG would have used this to bolster their misguided beliefs.

Romeo Morningwood said...

Are you serious? Wow you can't turn your backs on those guys for a second. Why can't they all just move into one State?