Monday, December 15, 2008

The New Issue of Scientific American

If you know a creationist, one who might be willing to change his/her mind, that is, then buy them the latest issue of Scientific American and make (I mean ask) them to read the whole damn thing. The entire issure is a tribute to the greatest idea ever to occur to a human being: Evolution by Natural Selection. There are many examples of (directly observed) natural selection. There are examples of how evolutionary theory is used in crime scene investigation (something I never knew!), medicine, and so on. Neil Shubin even wrote a piece explaining how the quirks of the human body provide evidence of evolution: We share a common ancestor with sharks, whose testees reside deep inside there bodies. In human beings, the testees are originally in the ancestral position, but slowly descend to the outside of the body: leaving a weak spot in the gut prone to hernias. Odd things like this provide excellent, unusual, and interesting evidence for evolution.

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SirMoogie said...

So, you mean there will be an issue of Scientific American where I won't open it up to shake my head in dismay at advertisements selling the most ridiculous sounding products, or articles about Feng Shui that don't treat it with any amount of skepticism?