Sunday, December 7, 2008

Off topic again: Bloggin' about the Resurrection

A debate between evangelist Mike Licona and Agnostic Bart Ehrman. The topic: "Is the Resurrection of Christ Provable?". You can find the first part here.

Bart has really stepped his game up in this debate. I believe he shows, beyond reasonable doubt, that:

1. The gospels are not much more reliable than our sources of other ancient resurrections.
2. The empty tomb story is likely fictional.
3. Experiences of seeing people after they have passed away, even sometimes as a group phenomenon, is not unheard of and not indicative of a supernatural occurance (Bart didn't mention Elvis, but he always comes to my mind when discussing post mortem appearances, lol!).

Also, there have been updates to the debate over at Internet Infidels about whether Paul believed in a spiritual or physical resurrection.

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