Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Crocoduck T-Shirt

Over at Richard Dawkins' website, they are selling a genuine crocoduck T-Shirt. Even the description of the shirt is funny to read:

After Kirk Cameron used the non-existence of the ‘crocoduck’ (half crocodile, half duck) as an argument against evolution, crocoduck-mania took to the web like wildfire. But instead of becoming the silver-bullet argument Kirk Cameron had hoped for, it became the icon of evolution-denying stupidity at which we can all laugh.

To celebrate this epic failure by the anti-evolution crowd, has created the “University of Intelligent Design Crocoducks” team t-shirt!

The design features ‘Chuck the Crocoduck,’ the official mascot of the University of Intelligent Design, founded in 4004 BC (not to be confused with the very real Liberty University).

Enjoy demolishing the brain-dead Intelligent Design/Creationist “arguments” (we use the term generously) for friends, family or strangers, with Chuck the Crocoduck’s help!



BathTub said...

Did you see the Crocoduck song?

Anonymous said...

Atheist are embracing their stupidity then. LOL... We have both missing links and missing genes and Darwinians still think there is something to their theory.

My goodness. One of these days we will all wake up to reality.

BathTub said...

and in the meantime you are too embarrassed to take credit for your own gibberish.

daniel john said...

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