Thursday, September 24, 2009

Infidel Guy Tonite

Tonight Infidel Guy will be broadcasting a live show at 8EST/7CEN on "The Christian Patriarchy Movement" which is a "movement among Evangelical Christians that encourages couples to have as many children as possible."

If you miss the show, go to the site about 10EST/9CEN and the show should be up for you to listen to free. And if you like it, subscribe. Reggie (the Infidel Guy) could use all the help he can get these days!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you won't mind too much that I am posting non-relevant to this tread question.

A few weeks back you provided a list of recommended reading where Richard Carrier's book was one of them. Your comment indicated that there were somethings you disagree with him with. I am reading his book now and have enjoyed it quite a bit thus far. I am also interested in knowing/learning what ideas/thoughts/etc from his worldview/philosophy you disagree with.

Take care,


AIGBusted said...

Hi Paul,

Carrier seems to be a verificationist (wikipedia it to find out more) and I'm not so sure that this is correct, for the usual reasons that Wikipedia cites.

Dax said...

Don't mind if they wish to advocate more children. I wanted 12 my wife wanted 2 we compromised at 3. O.K. I'm a woose. But that's three children that never had the debil nightmares.
I love the "Sha Na Na Ness of the word I know have to reproduce.