Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Selected Essays By Nicholas Covington

Hi Everybody,

I'm still working on an upcoming book which will catalogue every (or nearly every) argument made by apologists and show why they are wrong, in a style similar to that of Mark Isaak in his work An Index to Creationist Claims. It'll be done in a few months, this post is about another book I just completed.

However, a little while ago I found myself frustrated when the website DB Skeptic suddenly stopped publishing essays, after I had written a knock-out article debunking the "aliens built the pyramids" theory specifically for that website! On top of that, I had also written a short essay on what truth is and why it is important for the magazine Philosophy Now. Sadly, they had so many entries (some of them quite similar to my own) that they decided not to publish it. I also had an essay refuting the fifth chapter of a book called "Is Christianity True?" I and a couple of other people were planning on publishing an entire series of articles responding to each and every chapter of that book. But I have not heard from them in weeks.

What to do with all these essays? Well, I had a couple of other things that I wanted to publish, and so I decided to collect them all and publish them in an ebook called Selected Essays by Nicholas Covington.

The book has 12 essays, some of them published in a different form either on this blog, on DB Skeptic, or elsewhere. Some are original, such as the three I described earlier, plus a short essay called "Why I Am Not a Christian" and a really cool, must-read chapter on what philosophers are currently saying about the "fine-tuning" argument with some original thoughts of my own on the subject. Even the things that have been published before have been altered and improved in various places. Overall, it should make an informative and fun skeptical read.


Unknown said...

I can't wait to read the fine tuning article! I would like to see more accesable stuff on it!

AIGBusted said...

You should find it interesting. Be sure and leave a comment telling me what you think.