Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dembski is a real loser...

That gosh-awful blog Uncommon Descent has posted the following on their site:

"Dembski recommends further science standards like the following:

Explain in detail how evolutionary theory explains the Cambrian Explosion.

Describe in detail how evolution made complex biological structures such as the human eye.

Explain how evolutionary theory solves the problem that DNA cannot exist without protein and protein cannot exist without DNA."

These are, of course, completely ridiculous. Scientists have worked really hard to solve these problems (and have been successful!), not simply swept them under the rug, as Dembski implies. First of all, the Cambrian Explosion must be viewed not as something that happened overnight, but rather as something that took place over about ten million years. Scientists have postulated a number of hypotheses about why such rapid evolution suddenly took place (after millions of years of simpler life) including the fact that Hox genes, which control the body plan of the organism, evolved around that time.

Describe in Detail how the eye evolved? What? This has convinced me that Dembski is not just a nut with a bad "theory", he is a liar. Charles Darwin went to lengths to show that simpler eyes existed in nature, which you may read for yourself at any library or online. Today we know of creatures with only a single photosensitive cell. The evolution of the photosensitive cell itself was described just a few months ago. Click here for more on the evolution of the eye.

Now, which came first the DNA or the proteins? Neither. RNA is thought by most scientists to have come first (it can catalyze its own reproduction), and then a form of RNA evolved into DNA. We know via experimental evidence that RNA has the ability to evolve into DNA.

I have to side with Richard Dawkins, "Dembski is a loser."

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