Saturday, July 5, 2008

Science and Religion

PZ Myers' Point of Inquiry Interview inspired this post.

Are science and religion compatible? Specifically, are evolution and religion compatible? I am not sure, but it certainly is incompatible with certain sects of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. What about other sects like Catholicism, Methodism, etc. ? I've posted on this before, and I don't see any definitive answer to this question yet.

Nevertheless, the undeniable fact is that Evolution completely destroys the position of many religious sects. So what about separation of church and state? Should we stop teaching evolution?


All sciences and histories must be taught reguardless of what damage they may do to religious positions. Some evangelists think that the crimes of Stalin are a good argument against atheism. So what? I still endorse the crimes of communism being taught in History books. The leader of the flat earth society believes that the earth is flat because of his interpretation of scripture. Does that mean we stop teaching students that the earth is round? Of course not. The truths of science and history must be taught reguardless of who they may offend, but the philosophical/theological implications of those truths need not be discussed in science class.


Lui said...

Good on you for setting up this blog. Thank you also for your God Riddance site. I'm glad that there are people fighting the good fight against superstition and stupidity.

Keep it up. I'll be commenting regularly.

AIGBusted said...

Thank you Lui! I always encourage guests to comment as much as they like, contribute to the discussion, and of course recommend any blogs or websites about theses issues (even your own).

Glad you're reading this,