Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Philosopher Takes on Irreducible Complexity

You know, I vaguely recall ID proponents trying to redefine Irreducible Complexity to save it from refutation. I thought this was just special pleading; The IDers had been defeated and were just scraping around to save their arguments. Here's how it went down: Behe responded to the stepwise proposals for flagellum evolution by admitting that it could, in principle, evolve. He just thinks that the "indirect routes" of evolution these systems would have to take is so unlikely that it would probably never happen. For instance, isn't it odd that all of the parts of the bacterial flagellum would evolve for other functions, and then just happen to be able to combine to form the TTSS? Well, the journal Biology and Philosophy published an in depth article addressing Behe's attempt to save his argument from the pits of hell. Blogger Ex-Apologist has summarized it for us:

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Installment 5

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