Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Reading

I have been reading a lot lately in preparation for my upcoming book. I've read a few peer-reviewed papers on the subject of embryology and evolution, I've read some philosophical papers, and some other stuff that has to do with science and philosophy.

I've also read "In Search of the Light" by Susan Blackmore, which is about a paraspychologist and her struggles to find evidence for the supernatural. I've also read "Explore Evolution" - An intelligent design book which tries to dispute the evidence for evolution. It was released only a year or two ago, so it is up to date, and it offers the most intelligent challenges to evolutionary theory. Reading that book allows me to understand and respond to the most current objections to evolutionary theory. Fortunately, I've found that a little research almost always destroys them.

Last but not least, I'm about 100 pages into "Not the Impossible Faith" by Richard Carrier. It's an excellent book: Very well written, very well referenced, and very informative. I highly recommend it.

I still have a lot of reading and thinking ahead of me, and if you want to offer financial support to what I'm doing, my Amazon Wishlist can be found here. And, in case you do want to purchase a book from the list, I have no problem with used books.

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