Thursday, November 22, 2007

Answers in Genesis Parody

I want all of you guys to check out the Uncyclopedia article on Answers in Genesis.

It contains such gems as,

"(Answers in Genesis) often has joke articles which say things like "Darwinism is the central column of laissez-faire economics and Stalinism" (capitalism and communism at the same time - I guess it's easy to hit opposite sides at the same time when you're continually beating a dead horse) and "the secular parts of the world are morally corrupt; I'd much rather live in Saudi Arabia than in France". Sarcastic comments like this are made by world renowned stand up comedian, Oxford nerd and atheist Richard Dawkins."

"Richard's best friend and fellow comedian Homer Simpson, also known as Springfield Man and Homo Simpsian soon joined in with his trademark American style of humor. (This is of course spelled that way) Homer was even more sarcastic than Richard in his sketches."

"If the written bullshit present on the AiG website was transformed into physical bullshit and spread equally around the moon it would increase its mass to the point that it would spiral in toward the earth and would make the landfill site of New Jersey smell like a rose garden. This is central to many forms of British humour."

"Adolf Hitler had an astute understanding of evolution - since he believed Aryan Christians were descended from Adam and Eve. Hitler was a devout atheist and every atrocity in WWII, often driven by the belief that Aryan Christians were superior to Jews, were committed in the name of atheism."


Anonymous said...

Glad you like it! George Miller, aka Wei Long Wang.

Anonymous said...

Weri long wang, sorry. My r key is playing up at the moment.