Sunday, November 11, 2007

Book Sale...

Saturday my local Books-a-million had a book sale. You know I had to go check it out. I got two new books: "God: The Failed Hypothesis" and "The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life".

I may post a full review of each one, leave a comment if you would like me to. Anyway, The Fifth Miracle discusses abiogenesis, from primordial soup theories to semicrackpot stuff like Panspermia. It has it all. It discusses evolution and information theory (which makes it a good read for creationists), and to top it off, the writer (Paul Davies) is a deist, according to Wiki. I think that is a good thing when talking about science and religion. He's not afraid to talk about the wonderful design of the cell, and all the "machines" it contains. On the other hand, he seeks natural explanations first. So he is about as unbiased as it gets when it comes to the God question.

As for "God: The Failed Hypothesis" it's a good one too. It is a very thorough, easy to read look into whether or not any scientific evidence for God exists. It has a very good explanation of a new theory about where our universe came from. (You may have heard of quantum fluctuations giving rise to energy, giving rise to matter, and thus the universe. Quantum Fluctuations have been indirectly detected, and it is also known that the total energy of the universe is zero.)

Well, that's about it. I'll be back in full force debunking creationists in the business week.

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