Thursday, November 8, 2007

Social Darwinism has NOTHING to do with Evolution

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A reader, Jere Yost (the author of "The Deception of True.Origin") sent me an AiG article today, along with some of the statistics I will use. I didn't plan on writing a new article this soon, but this made me so damn mad I felt I needed to.

Alright, here goes...

There was a kid on youtube who went by the name of "NaturalSelector89" and called himself a "social Darwinist". Apparently he was very disturbed, and eventually went on a shooting spree. Of course, AiG wasted no time to use this story for propaganda against evolution. This is shameful, especially since no atheist I know of would stoop that low (this would be like using the Virginia Tech shooter, who compared himself to Jesus Christ, to argue against Christianity).

The article says,
"If God is left out... Then each person can determine what is right and wrong in his or her own eyes."

They then proceed to refer us to Judges 17:6
"In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes."

Why don't we go over to the very next chapter, in which it tells about the Danites (a tribe of Israel) slaying a whole city of "quiet and secure" people? (Judges 18:27)

To my knowledge, Judges never records the Danites being punished by God for slaying these people (thereby condoning their actions).

Everyone should also be aware that Youtube user "TheAmazingAtheist" made a video mocking and condemning NaturalSelector89, as well as the bogus philosophy of Social Darwinism. Maybe atheists have morals after all?

In closing, I would like to include some statistics about how belief in evolution corresponds with murder. Take a look at this graph. Notice how countries like Japan, England, and Norway all have high percentages of people who believe in evolution, and relatively few people who believe in God. Now take a look at this page. This is the Murder per capita rate of countries around the world. We are #24, which is extremely high for a first world country (Most countries that rank highly are second or third world, like Columbia and South Africa). Japan is at #60, with .004 murders per 1000 people, the UK is at #46, and Norway is at #54. All three of these countries are Secular Democracies with murder rates much lower than the United States; All of them have high percentages of Atheists and Agnostics.

Whose belief system is more dangerous, Ham?

I'm not going to make a lot of posts about religion, because that isn't why I started this blog, and I am aware that there are lots of religious people who contribute positively to society (I know many of them) and are tolerant people. This is intended to show that Evolution does not cause the harm that they pretend, and neither does atheism.

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C Mc said...

I don't even know where to start on AiG implying that belief in evolution can lead to murder!

But then this is nothing new, the Discovery Institutes Wedge document cites scientific materialism as being responsible for "devastating" relativism, "where everyone is a victim and no-one can be held accountable for their actions".

It's like that stuff the so-called National Association for Objectivity in Science had in their draft resolution

"WHEREAS the failure to present any scientific arguments against the theory of macroevolution may lead a student to conclude that he or she is in fact the result of random, chance processes, and has not been created or designed for any special purpose;
WHEREAS this view can have a dramatic effect on the student, leading him or her to devalue human life and possibly engage in drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, or violence, or even commit suicide"