Thursday, September 10, 2009

The DI and Mt. Improbable

The Discovery Institute recently released this video:

The paper cited was responded to here by AG Hunt. I've also found a paper that I believe could have some relevance to this issue.


Unknown said...

"The sequential order of the chemical building blocks is crucial, for if they are arranged correctly the chain folds into a functioning three-dimensional molecule. But if the amino acids are incorrectly assembled, no protein will form."

No protein will form?
Surely someone within their organisation knows better. They're not even trying to talk to knowledgeable people, are they?

AIGBusted said...


You are correct that "no protein will form" is false. You should the blog post and paper I linked to for more on this.

Arthur Hunt said...

Hi Ryan,

The paper you cite is indeed relevant to my essay. Heck, it even cites Axe (2004).

This paper comes to the same basic conclusion I do, that the size of functional protein sequence space is much, much smaller than Axe and others claim.

Panama Jackson said...

I've said this before and will say it again...I attended college at one of the schools Stephen Meyer was at. I never had him for a class but had several friends who did. ALL of them thought he was a nut case!

AIGBusted said...

That's interesting PJ. I've kind of suspected that Meyer was a nutcase. After all, in "The Case for a Creator" Lee Strobel said that Meyer had once shook his fist at God out in a field. Fucking nuts, right?